Free Beta Reading

It’s   Here  free beta reading


It’s here free beta reading. Starting from this holiday season of 2017 our small step to help writers begins.

Now, Free doesn’t mean any compromise our team consists of writers and readers so they know the value of good feedback and criticism. Which also means that there will be no sugar coating and customer pleasing tactics. As you already have heard about a great saying which goes “Nothing grows in a comfort zone.”

Before you hire an expensive editor and face your worse demon of exposing yourself to another stranger. Take a test drive and see how it feels to get scrutinized by professionals.

We will give an honest review and critique. Accompanied by an editorial note and some useful material about writing and publishing. And the best part about that is its all for free.

And in return for the free beta reading all, we ask you donate any amount. The amount can be $5 to $500 anything you wish.

The amount gets collected in a fund and will be given out as financial aids to writers for completing their budget. We have tried to create a system where writers help each other and end up helping himself too.

We would have opened a full editing service but there are new tax rules being implemented in our country. The trial period is going on and we have decided to commence our service only after we have a full grasp of the rules.

We don’t want to do interrupt our esteemed government process. However, the donation portal is open.

Help us to build a friendly website for authors.


Ground rules for free beta reading

We cannot read every uploaded work and therefore have to choose only one per month or per round.

Submit your little bio/ info with chapter wise summary in doc, docx file.

All in one document and should not exceed five pages.

We will randomly select three authors and choose the one which looks more interesting.

If you are chosen then we will contact you for the full manuscript.

Right now we are opening our doors to every genre.

Word limit should not exceed 70k.

If your work doesn’t get selected don’t worry. You don’t have to upload it again as your submission gets routed back for the next round of selection automatically. Just keep your fingers crossed.