One article a day keeps failure away.

One article a day keeps failure away.

This is going to be one of my first article that I am going to publish here so I wanted to start with something simple and small. A small everyday practice that changed me as a writer and as an artist

When I started as a writer I didn’t even know what a professional writer does. The only thing I knew was that he writes and people recognize his work praise him, it gets included in the curriculum where student do hours of research on them. Basically, that’s where I started looking over the examples like Shakespeare and words worth. But writers have evolved today a writer means many things not only the one who writes fiction but who writes a blog and article. There are some who write especially for companies ad agencies. But how would I know? How would I know which type of writer I want to become and even if I do what I have to do to achieve that? I was just an angry kid on the block who was using his hobby to escape from the harsh reality and a painful love experience. Heartbreak as it usually happens in the high school.

Those were the times when I used to write on blank sheets like they used to do in old times. I still maintain a diary because the Microsoft word is good but writing on a blank sheet is an amazing feeling. I wrote and wrote pilling up pages and Microsoft words file. Then slowly the interaction with higher education and the social pressure started to surround me and I started to wonder what will I do with my life? What is my that special skill? What is my passion?

The only thing I enjoyed doing was writing and I was getting good at it or at least I thought because I spend hours and hours of writing. But I didn’t know anything, no resources no expert, no mentor to guide me where I should head. Where should I start? The foreign education seemed too expensive and was not something my family could afford. So what should I do? I said to myself then like many the boon of the internet found me and I started searching on the internet and kept on reading about.

Then after a month or so when I was explaining one of my friend about the novel I wanted to write and how I am gonna do it. I started explaining him about the three-act structure I read some article and he was really amazed by my knowledge. In his eyes, I was someone who really knew what to do. And where he was going with his passion
When he said that to me I was little surprised because in my eyes I was just as lost as he was trying to find a path and make a career. Then how did I knew so much it was my moment of realization that because I was so passionate about writing every morning after I woke up I used to surf about writing on my laptop. Every day I was reading four to five articles a day. Every day I was gathering information and even though I was not affiliated with some writing classes or was doing some course my knowledge about the writing and about this industry was growing inch by inch.

It may be not enough but it may be just enough for you to do something and it has been nine years since I read at least one article a day about writing. Most of the time the information is duplicate but each article has a new information or a new angle.

So if you are a young writer just starting out the best and the cheapest thing you can do is read an article Every day. It’s so easy it’s same like when you scroll down the facebook page to see what other people are up to you spend few seconds and then scroll down. Simple as that you don’t have to get up early in the morning take a taxi go miles away from your home lift a heavy bag. No, you don’t have to anything like that you do what you do with your social media. You endlessly scroll through web pages see countless videos of babies and cat.

The key word here is right motivation and your interest if you can’t even do this simple job then please drop the idea of becoming a writer or stop calling yourself a writer. There are people, hardworking people who work their ass off to make themselves even slightly better than what they were yesterday.

Now how to do it in a systematic way?

If you are serious about writing then I suggest you become more systematic because reading an article a day is good but sometimes it’s so random that someday the information you got seemed worthless. Or it just creates more confusion so what to do?

You can make a list of things that you want to know about writing? For e.g

1) How to market my novel?
2) What is developmental editing?
3) What is ghostwriting?

Once you have a list then divided it in weeks. For e.g

1st week = marketing
2nd week = editing

And so on so for the first week every day you type marketing in the search box and press enter. Google will do the rest you just have to scroll down select and read. Vola! That’s it.


Yes, you are reading an article maybe you are as enthusiastic as me so you read three to four articles but your mind is not supercomputer that it will remember every bit of information feed to it. so buy a new diary and write the topic of the week like MARKETING. Then after reading every article or a bunch of articles jot down important things that impressed you and you think that is a great idea also the things you feel comfortable doing it.
Sometimes articles refer to a third party check them out but also jot down. And without even your own knowledge after one year you would have become far better and far knowledgeable than the writer you were about to become without this technique.

I am telling you to take this advice you will be surprised to see the varied type of information that will just spark out. Once you have gained much knowledge about the basic you can go much deeper like

• Mistake writers do while promoting
• Unfair practices used by writers

You see the type of search has deepened and so is your capability to understand the inside of the industry. It’s same as grade the higher you go the more sophisticated information you have to deal with.

So, do this practice every day who know what kind of gem you may find while reading on the internet.The information you gather might prevent you from some mistakes and failure or give you a life-changing advice. Just like this one.

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