What I learned from Steve jobs about writing.

Steve jobs now, most of you must be thinking what the hell this heading means. I mean Steve jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation he builds phone, PC and I pads he doesn’t write. Off course some of you must consider him some kind of artist. Innovating thing but there is no way he could know more about writing. Or did he knew? Here is what I mean.

After few years of taking writing seriously as my profession. I was trying to build my career. I love to write, and I was thinking ways to generate a good income from it so that I could pay my bills. I used to read articles about writers making $1000 & 10000 dollars. They had the leverage of having more than eight books in the backlist and then hiring ghostwriters to produce more e-books in a year. The more you increase the number of books you got the more chances of selling it.


It’s the probability game which comes into play. That idea struck my mind, and I thought of doing the same. The only problem was I didn’t have the money to hire the ghostwriter because they don’t come cheap. And the reason I was looking for this article because I needed money. Therefore, oscillating from here to there. Chasing every car like a mad dog. I admit I was desperate yes the art matters but sometimes the bills matter more.


I promised myself that I will write and just produce. I will not focus on what but how much. I too wanted to have a long backlist I can show off and hoping that probably the number game will catch up to me.

Then another big wave came when I stumble upon the following the trend of the industry. Like when fifty shades of grey became a hit everybody was writing erotic stories about bondage and billionaire lover. Even now the books are flooded with this kind of ideas. I am not against the erotica I understand it’s a genre if done right it could be fun and for most of them, it worked. Even if not as they would have expected, but somehow these tricks were working.


When you are desperate every idea, you stumble upon seems like a life-changing idea. Every small help you can get or just anything also the pressure of bills was increasing. I prepared myself just to write and write and publish whatever I write. I wasn’t even thinking about my skill that how good or bad I was or how bad my work can be.

I was down and out looking for finical support looking to compromise. Most of the writer will face this kind of problem I don’t want you to face this but you will. Now when I look back, it’s still one of the dark times of my life and the stupidity I was doing. And I would have gone ahead with the plan if I wouldn’t have listened to what steve job said.


Till now you must have thought that how Steve job is related to my story. At one evening I was looking for some moral support. I always used to watch motivational videos, and I was scrolling through YouTube when I stumbled upon Steve jobs video I don’t think it was some motivational video but rather entrepreneurship or something like that. I don’t remember the name of a video, but I very much remember what Steve job said in that video.

Don’t make crap things believe in your product.

Only do that stuff in which you really believe in. If you are not passionate, you gonna quit because it’s so hard that any rational person would quit.

Those words of wisdom encouraged me more like woke me up. It was true that I was desperate but more than those bills there was something much valuable was at stake.


This was my art, my legacy. Yes, the steve jobs was talking about his product i-phones, but the basic theme applies to everything. The only way to make a best product is to make the kind of product in which you really believe in. Yes, I may not become Shakespeare or Hemingway but being careless with my art was not acceptable.



There are other ways to pay bill why corrupt my art. So now after listening to that video, I really asked myself am I going to gamble with my passion. Am I just going to write without believing in stuff or just piling stocks of a trend which is selling now. There was a good chance that it would have worked out most of the people were doing it with decent profit coming in their way.

But when I will be in my dead bed, and I will contemplate the reason that why I decided to became a writer. Is it because I wanted to earn only money or I was itching to tell those stories which are haunting my mind. Those characters shouting their stores to me every night until I put those words to a paper they don’t let me sleep. And this never dying urge to bring them out. When I deeply thought about those things I knew what I had to do.


The temptation was there, but then I thought if Steve jobs would have done the same thing we would not have hailed him as one of the greatest innovators of our time regardless what you think about apple. He believed in something, he believed in making a good quality product. Something new always pushing the boundaries. Imagine our smartphone today if he wouldn’t have introduced the I-phone, I – Pod. Where would we be?


So I said to myself trends are okay and maybe it’s working for some people but am I really want to write erotica or just keep producing more books to increase my backlist. I decided to let the world follow what they wanna follow I will not follow trends or some stuff I read on the internet I am gonna write the stories I always wanted to read which I always wanted to write. Escaping to my fantasy world trying to see life through the eyes of weird characters facing their conflict their hope, I always inched to write about something which inspires me.


The rare girls series is the result of that. I always had an arousal for strong women, and I have been lucky to meet few of them. So, I thought why not? What will be the worst that can happen? As soon I decided to write this series the will to write inside me increased writing about Rare and weird women around the world. I may not become as successful as Steve jobs, but I know whatever I am writing it is solely the product of my inspiration and dreams hiding beneath my soul. A true escape.  Thanks to that I recently released my first book on the rare girl series Sarah.


Isn’t that’s the reason why we write? Isn’t that is the reason we get ready to struggle and wake all nights or wake up early morning. It’s not just a pressing keys on your laptop or in your typewriter or scratching in your notebook. It’s something more than that, something I cannot even describe. And even now when I look at any pictures of steve jobs I remember the lesson I learned.

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