Erotica vs General romance


Oh, my! One of my friend asked me this questions even though he was pulling my leg. For him, erotica is just porn and the indirect question was have I ever write it or tried to write it. I fell for the trick because I started explaining like real explaining. Then when I saw his smirking face seeing his fish has taken the hook. I stopped and guilty of being a literary nerd.


Man whenever someone asks me questions about writing. I become so passionate that I never the see the trap in it. It is one of the most common tactics used by my friends to reel me in because they know how passionate I become and then I start explaining like a scientist.


But the question did give me a good topic to write about because to explain erotica to a non-reader is little hard. For my friends, they don’t want to use a sophisticated term and be simple and calls them porn. But for them, anything which hints about naked is porn so its hard to argue with that logic.


When I say erotica I guess The fifty shades of grey pops up in your mind because that is the obvious choice which has embedded in our pop culture soul. But don’t let it fool you that it was the first book to write about love scenes or sex scenes so extensively. The only difference is that before fifty shades of grey this genre was lurking in the shadow attached to the romance genre.

It was as popular to women demographic as it is now the only difference is that back then it was like a secret society where only members have access to. And it happened because for obvious reasons. If someone would know what kind of book you are reading they will judge you and when you are women just forget about it. The bar of judgments just multiples.  You can say it’s the equivalent to boys porn C.D collection. They too had to hide and be careful because it’s kind of taboo subject and we all are little weird about it.

Even though the general mind put them in the same category. I think there is a difference between them because they appeal to two different groups of people with different emotional needs. Erotica is a more sophisticated version where the emotion of character is involved. The thing is that majority of the girls wants to involve emotionally too before involving physically. We boys are more like straight humping and pumping. Not to generalize any sex. I am not trying to portray that man are just animals and they don’t need any emotions or girls are always the victims.

The time is changing now and has changed now. The erotica is a whole genre in itself it has become much bolder. The steamy romance is dilute for the most part and the more adventures version are getting out.


It has also affected the genre in a bad way.


The Negative aspects


  • Books which has an almost same storyline with nothing new to deliver. And we as a reader sometimes gets frustrated because what seems to be a new idea is another spin-off of what already has been said.
  • The allegation that the erotic is corroding the essence of romance but I personally think it’s little bit harsh to say because hey! It’s totally a different genre. But I do agree that enough is enough. We seriously want to see someone doing something new with this genre.
  • The most common erotica now is the billionaire romance. Where a guy is rich, handsome, available, rough lover with a somehow a soft side like reality doesn’t exist. But its okay its a fantasy you are allowed to dream here. That’s what writer do.
  • The issue of feminism. Like one of my Girlfriend a girl who happens to my friend, not my “girlfriend” argued that in fifty shades of grey no girl in right mind would be in a relationship like that. It’s abusive and just an excuse.


And when I took off my writer’s hat and gave it a thought I too saw the point.



Regarding the allegation, I would also like to say that when you write a fiction it is a mixture of believable and unbelievable things. I mean how often do you find a new perfect girl or a guy like in a romance novel. Not to forget the intense and true passion in the real world it’s not that quite often it happens but that is what fiction is about. The things we linger about the has been and should been. It is our place where our desire and dreams cross.


The key here is to know that it is a fiction. People always write about what they want, their desire or the topic which is close to their heart.



But the argument doesn’t stop here what about the storytelling the character arc and all that. I have come across editors and beta readers who won’t work with you if they get even a hint that your book contains explicit content. I guess they are fed up of seeing the same thing written by thousand people with no real and new flavor. My first novel “Never meant to be” contained one extreme graphics scene just one but many editors just refused to work with me. They really want to discover the real story rather than working on some spin-off you have read thousand times. It’s about your legacy and what work you have left behind. The kind of work which have your original voice in it and not following the trend or what genre will give you more money.


And I agree with their point of view as well.


It’s a hard choice really as an artist. You have to have broad mind and understand other point of views but I also agree that many people don’t know what they are doing and just following the herd. The art of storytelling is more than just trends. They have to understand.


Also, do share your thoughts on erotica and its allegation. What do you think?

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