A Personal Glimpse

This is going to be one of the early post on this website and before I go all berserk with my ranting about writing and present scenario of publishing and talking about current industry trend. I wanted to share some glimpse from the vault of my thoughts. You should at least know a little bit about how this website came to be and a bit about the man behind it. I don’t know how this article will end up. It’s not easy for me I have also been an introvert and shy and a man with fewer sounds.


Maybe the western world is more equipped to cope better with my kind but from where I come from its little bit complicated. Here we have more rigid ways of portraying life nobody dares to be an artist here. It’s not like there are no artists in our society, but it’s a very high road, and few take them. People pay more respect to the doctors and engineers which is a right profession, but an artist can enjoy that privilege only after he is successful or in T.V apart from that the others are mere dabblers.


I still remember the day when I was sitting on my cousin desktop with kindle account open. The Kindle was the next big thing, and I had just discovered self-publishing, but I was taking too much time. When you are sitting hours on somebody’s else desktop, it’s never comfortable.


My family didn’t have any desktops and laptops. I used to go to the cafes because writing in papers has its joy but to keep it safe and to keep it neatly is a challenge. I don’t know how old writers used to do it plus working in the word is easy, and you can be sure that your work will be safe.


His sister was checking up on me time and again and it just made me more uncomfortable because my cousin was not at home. He was away in his job, and I was still jobless staring at the kindle account with no idea how books get published. I understood what Kindle was and how to publish a book there, but I am talking about real publishing the things which go behind the scenes at that time I didn’t even know about editing.


I was going to publish my collection of poetry “The quotes of my lyrical life” the poems were messy too many grammatical mistake and dark because I was suffering from heartbreak.


Yes, you could see few glimpse of talent but overall not good. See I have to be honest with you here I won’t say it was too good or great. Because now I look back I can see a thousand ways to make it better, but I was naive and publishing a book was a big thing nobody from my village had done it, and I believe I am still the only one who has done it.


Finally, I pushed the publish button, and I felt proud, and I have done something I came home, and my mother looks at me. Her eyes were saying stop chasing unattainable dreams you have to do a job there are financial problems in the house. And when I say job there is no part-time job here like in western world there is only full time. This thing doesn’t exist over here. But it’s not even about the job. The job was the last thing I had in my mind. I was too much into my stories and was planning to write one, I was a day dreamer, to be honest.  I will also admit that I didn’t want to do any job.

I just wish if I had some magic lamp or magic wand that can take away all of this and give me an already cooked success. That was total fantasy, but I do feel the need. One place where writers can find what they are looking for that’s how the idea for this website was born.


Now, when the site is already on. I don’t think its something revolutionary or something very different. There are sites similar to us or even better.

Yes, there are sites, but it’s not about competing. It’s more than that, and the struggle hasn’t ended. Every day is a challenge. How am I going bring the traffic? Will this even work? The future is very uncertain and highly unsuitable swinging like a pendulum.


But I am not even thinking about that. Yes, the pressure of bill is there, but when I was coming up, I always wished that if there could be a place where I can ask for help. I know I can’t help every writer with this I can cover only a few.

There is a limited budget, limited time and knowledge. And there will be few who will return disappointed, gambling against big odds. I can’t beat life, fate.


Even now life makes me humble there are times when I am hitting every hit out of the park. And yet there are times when there is nothing but silence and despair. But I have to try, and the road wasn’t easy.


The Great Dilemma


I wanted to start my personal blog I can’t do snap chats and youtube because I am more comfortable behind the stage and blog was perfect where I have to focus only on words and nothing else. But the idea which was born years ago was still lingering in my mind.

Few obstacles

  • Uncertainty
  • Budget
  • Fear
  • Bad experience


The budget was the main problem. I was saving money for my rare girl series book 2 and opening a website means there will be expenses. The one thing I know that it’s not as easy and cheap to begin a blog or a website. You only need a domain name and hosting service they say, but there are plugins, premium plugins you will need to run your website smoothly. There are so many things that you have to care for it.


The reason behind this dilemma was I didn’t want to create much sound I just wanted a small audience I can connect with deeply. I didn’t want to be extravagant, but I wanted to open a place which I always longed as a writer was also there. There was a time when I got so anxious that I decided to cancel the whole thing even my blog. I didn’t have that kind of money and using my money would mean I have to shelf my novels. When you have limited resource, you have to think hard, but the word of god also helped me. I was taking too much tension when I know it won’t help me move a thing.

Finally, I decided to open this website I won’t lie there is also a selfish motive behind why does any writer open a blog to create his/her own platform. The sales and reviews matter. I won’t shy away from that No bullshit policy, but that is not the only thing I seriously wanted to have a place where writers can find hope with some assistance. A place of opportunity and even though its out now the fear hasn’t sided. I frankly don’t know how long this website will go or if it will be a big success or not. I don’t know, the future is uncertain, but as an artist, the uncertainty of art doesn’t stop you from creating that art.

This project is very personal to me, and my target is to help at least 50 authors in our first year. I hope it goes better and I hope before this ship goes down. We may save few authors from drowning. Because with every next day there always comes a next chance and new hope.


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