$100 Contract for writers

Welcome Authors

One of the purposes of this website is to help authors and to provide them with opportunities. $100 contract is the first step towards it.

Who can participate?

Almost everyone with some writing experience. If you have previously published articles then much better and even if you haven’t don’t worry. Everbody starts somewhere. There is three-fold motto regarding this

  1. The first writer can earn a decent amount working just for one week.
  2. Exposure writer will be credited for their work. This will give them recognition and audience.
  3. Experience, a writer needs credentials and experience to grow.


  • The contract is for a week (excluding Sundays) and for three articles.
  • Participant must submit one sample article and a blueprint of ideas and themes they are going to write about.
  • If chosen the writer under the contract must publish the article exclusively on our website,¬†though the copyright belongs to the author.
  • Out of three articles, one should be about authors himself the other two should be on any¬†writing topic. innovative thinking and new angle are more preferred.
  • The chosen writer will be contacted by our team and will be constantly in communication with the author.
  • The chosen writer will be given one week to prepare and you can be asked to revise and rework by our team to make it better for the readers.
  • Every article should be minimum of 700 words.
  • The payments will be made through Paypal so the participants must have a paypal account.
  • There is no written form of contract but all the business will be conducted on a good faith basis.

If you have an experience in writing SEO articles then it’s a plus. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t