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$100 contract for one week

For aspiring authors write your best articles exclusively for us and get paid $100 with credibility and exposure.

Free Beta Reading


Even though we have a paid editing service every now and then we will provide a free beta readings to one lucky author. Plus, an editorial note too.


Ask for help

Struggling is part of every artist. Ask for help is our initiation to light a candle in dark for authors. Authors can ask for the limited amount of money for their project or any other help and we will try to help them. But all of this depends upon how generous our visitors are therefore DONATE.


A writer has three stages.

First, when a writer is a beginner,  and in need of knowledge and guidance.

Second, when a writer reaches the intermediate level needing experience and exposure.

And the last one where the writer is successful and already has an established audience.

This Website is purely dedicated to the first two stages of a writer.

Our goal is to help at least 10 authors per year.

Writing contracts, free extensive beta reading to sometimes financial aids to complete writing projects.

It’s a small start but it’s a start.



From the Blog

Is it marketing or a good book?

If you are a writer, then you must have dwelled with this question is it marketing or a good book. Especially when you are about to publish your work and a hint of doubt starts to creep in your mind. Of course, marketing is important but is it all about marketing or the trust you […]

More than plot and characters

In my recent article, I wrote about three act structure. How and what should be there we covered some basic and some unusual stuff you can read that here. And while I was doing the third act I started talking about more than plot and characters. I wanted to elaborate there, but I thought this […]

The Three Act Structure Part 3 (THIRD ACT)

Welcome to the last part of three act structure. We have already discussed the first two act in my previous article and have tried to cover what’s in there. We also covered some important things which is usually not discussed like how to discover an end or a beginning of one act. If you haven’t […]

Meet the Team


We have created a section ask for help in our menu where writer facing trouble can ask for funds. So, help us to be that channel for those in need. If only 100 of you donates at least $5 one author can afford an editor. Who knows one day you might be on the receiving end too. HELP DONATE

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